Big Sur California: The crown jewel of the California coastline

Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

Big Sur California

Big Sur California – A great reputation surrounds this place and it is very well deserved. There really is no other place like Big Sur. Whether you just are passing through or staying several days, there are amazing treasures to be discovered here

The Big Sur coastline just north of Point Sur - steep drops straight down to the ocean - a beautiful setting for a home

Note the house at the left center of the photo – how’s that for a view?

There are places that we become familiar with through pictures and video. Some of these places are breath-taking even through these media. It sparks a desire to go there and experience it first-hand. Yet when we finally arrive there and see and hear and feel that place – we know that none of the photos or videos did any justice at all to the truth of being there.

The overwhelming beauty, on first viewing, seems to have a physical effect on us, like being struck in the chest. It then injects its power into our soul and we are forever changed by it.

Big Sur is definitely one of those special places in the world.

Big Sur map

The red line denotes Highway 1 and the generally accepted boundaries of the Big Sur coastline

If you did nothing more than drive the 90 miles from one end of the Big Sur coast to the other, it would be enough.

However, there are many opportunities for adventure and activities here that can satisfy nearly everyone.

WARNING! Please read this…

Big Sur California is indeed a special place, but unfortunately, criminals are there as well. Unattended vehicles have been a particular target where the thieves will break a window and take whatever valuables are there. Takes 30 seconds at the most.

I spoke with Deputy Donna Galletti of the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department about this and she has these tips:

Don’t leave your valuables in the vehicle.

Wallets, credit cards, cash, jewelry, electronic devices will all probably fit into a small backpack that you can take with you when you’re down by the beach. It might be a hassle, but that’s the stuff thieves want, not your socks…

Be aware of your surroundings.

It’s hard, especially here, where your attention is riveted on the scenery. It’s a good habit to have, not only here. Who doesn’t look like they belong? What doesn’t look right? Check out the parking area before you stop. If something hits you as “wrong”, drive on and…

Call in suspicious activity.

911 works here. Let the sheriff sort it out. If you have information about a particular crime or criminal, you can call:
831-647-7702 – This is the Sheriff’s Coastal Station, or
888-833-4847 – This is an Anonymous Tip Line.

If you are a victim:

Call 911 immediately. Don’t wait. This is another good reason to have your cell phone with you.

Don’t transfer valuables to the trunk at your Big Sur stop.

The trunk is safer than the passenger compartment, but if they break a window, they can just pop the trunk from inside the car. If you will be using the trunk (and you should be taking valuables with you, right?) put those things there before you leave your hotel or meal stop. Don’t do it in Big Sur. The bad guys will be watching.

It’s unfortunate that these things have to be mentioned. But a bit of prevention and awareness can help avoid having your vacation ruined.

The Bixby Creek Bridge

The Bixby Creek Bridge

The Rain Rocks rock shedInterior view of the Rain Rocks Rock Shed

Where to stay, eat, hike, camp, relax, picnic, watch wildlife, and altogether relax in Big Sur

Along the coast of Big Sur, California is in a sense distilled with the best of its essence available in a very powerful form. Below are listed links to pages with information so you can enjoy and get the most from your visit to the Big Sur California coast:

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View of Bixby Creek Bridge from Hurricane Point

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