Discovering the Travel Secrets
of Central California

Part of the interior courtyard at Old Mission San Miguel

Mission San Miguel

This is the story of Central California. A true story.

Not the California of today - Hollywood or San Diego or San Francisco - crowded, bustling cities. No, this is a story of California as it once was, years ago. The California that was a quiet, relaxing, slow-paced and friendly place. Central California still is like that today, and I'll show you where it can be found.

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It's a great story, an interesting story. A story that can add enjoyment to your vacation or getaway to Central California. And, it's a story I'm happy to tell as you come along and stay awhile.

The Big Sur coastline

The Big Sur coastline

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It's the story of a beautiful land, from over the hills north of Santa Barbara to just past Monterey. The Pacific Coast, spectacular natural wonders, historic missions and relaxing beach towns.

This area is also much more than that. There is a lot more to see and many exciting things to do once you move inland from the beach.

A Central California backroad view

Think of the Central Coast as an "unexplored island of wonders". You may have passed through here previously and wondered just what was down that little road you didn't have time to take. I'll show you the interesting people, things and places down that road; the really good stories.

Lavander fields north of Paso Robles

Fields of lavender

This is the place for information about your wonderful beach vacation, fun family trip, romantic getaway, or a weekend road trip. No matter what sort of trip you might be taking, you want it to be great. You want it to be relaxing, interesting and most of all, you want it to be memorable.

That's where a local's knowledge is valuable. I write about Central California because I know it well and love it. Follow along and you'll love it too...

Here is a 1949 Chevrolet commercial showing the areas around San Luis Obispo as they were - it isn't much different than what you'll find here today!

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You can still find "that" Golden State. It's still here.

No matter what your interest - shopping, birding, history, back roads, hiking, whale watching - this site will guide you to all the "hidden treasures" of the central coast of California.

Come on in, sit down at the kitchen table there, ask me some questions, and together we can discover how your trip here can be truly wonderful.

Pismo Beach viewed from Dinosaur Caves Park