Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach

Dinosaur Caves Park main sign

Dinosaur Caves Park

The Dinosaur Caves Park is in the Shell Beach neighborhood of Pismo Beach. Located on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, this park is great for children who love to crawl into the dinosaur eggs. Older kids love it as well for it has great views of miles of the Central Coast all the way into Santa Barbara County. We present a treat with this page in the form of a video flyover giving you a view you’re not likely to get anywhere else.

View of the coast from Dinosaur Caves Park

Looking south toward Pismo Beach from the Dinosaur Caves Park

Other than the plastic or fiberglass dinosaur replicas and eggs in the play area, you’re not likely to find any prehistoric saurian bones or artifacts at this lovely coast side park.

The name “Dinosaur Caves” is a holdover from the 1940’s when an entrepreneur had a lapidary shop here and provided tours down into the sea caves. He began building a ferro-cement replica of a brontosaurus intent on luring motorists off Highway 101 until the neighbors raised a ruckus about it.

Fast forward through attempts to develop the property to today where it ably fulfills its purpose of a beautiful seaside park.

Main sign at the Dinosaur Caves Park

The official greeter

Dinosaur Caves Park Quick Facts:

  • Location: Shell Beach section of Pismo Beach at the corner of Price Street and Cliff Avenue. Approximately 1 mile north of downtown Pismo.
  • GPS Coordinates: 35.154767, -120.665966
  • Organization: City of Pismo Beach (official park page)
  • Size: 11 acres
  • Facilities: Play area; picnic tables, grassy area, walking paths, benches at bluffs edge, rest rooms
  • Accessibility: Accessible parking, rest rooms and picnic tables
  • Dogs?: Allowed on leash
  • Parking: Dedicated lot and more spaces along Cliff Avenue

The original caves that were promoted way-back-when, collapsed in the 1970’s, but there are still many caves that are accessible only by kayak.

Large sea stack off Dinosaur Caves Park

Brown’s Rock

This large sea stack has caves carved out by the wave action and is popular with kayakers.

Recently this and all other offshore rocks and islets were designated as the California Coastal National Monument. There are over 20,000 rocks, and other formations along the 1,100 mile California coastline.

Closeup of sea caves near Dinosaur Caves Park

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