Twisting Highway 1 from high above Salmon Creek

by Jeff Akins

Above Highway 1 in the Silver Peak Wilderness Area near Salmon Creek

Above Highway 1 in the Silver Peak Wilderness Area near Salmon Creek

This photo was taken on a backpacking trip through the Silver Peak Wilderness Area. It was an unusually hot weekend and fog covered the ocean view for the entire trip but was interesting to see.

Editor's notes

Big Sur is an amazing area and most of us will enjoy it from the drive along Highway 1.

This is a great photo and a view that most of us won't see. Time, expertise or fitness may be lacking to afford the hike to get to this or one of the many vistas above Highway 1.

However, if you do have those necessary qualities, and hiking is something you enjoy, then there are a number of resources which are vital if you are to have a safe and enjoyable trek through this amazing wilderness area.

The Big Sur Trail Map site is an invaluable resource for the Big Sur trekker. They mention on their homepage that many of the maps available (USFS, USGS, NatGeo and Garmin) are incorrect. INCORRECT can mean a less than great hike or disaster.

They also have user-reported trail conditions which is great since these trails are in remote areas and maintenance is spotty at best.

Many thanks to Jeff for sharing this great photo and report here. We hope to see more of his photos and reports on hiking in Central California in the future.

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