Sculpterra Winery Tarpon Sculpture

The Sculpterra Winery Tarpon Sculpture - A great place to ponder beautiful artwork in a lovely garden while tasting excellent wine.

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The massive tarpon sculpture at Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles

The Tarpon sculpture at the Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles

Photo © by Suzie Martin, used with permission

27 Apr 2012


This Photo of the Week is of the Tarpon sculpture by John Jagger at the Sculpterra Winery, in Paso Robles.

The only thing lacking in this great photo is something to give us a sense of size. However, know that this beautiful and inventive sculpture is 11 feet long from head to tail!

The wines of Central California are exceptional and have shown their worth both at the national and international levels.

The exterior of the Sculpterra Winery tasting room

The Sculpterra tasting room

Additionally, the wineries and tasting rooms here in Central California are as varied and as interesting as the wines themselves.

The Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles is certainly a case in point.

Located on the east side of Paso Robles, Sculpterra is the result of the vision of Dr. Warren Frankel and his family.

The winery opened in 2007 and has a wonderful sculpture garden with the above shown Tarpon and numerous other beautiful sculptures in bronze and stone done by John Jagger.

Sculpterra winery sleeping cat

Great sculpture of a big cat sleeping in a tree

But wait! There's more! as we often hear - in addition to the sculpture garden, there is gorgeous ironwork found around the winery done by Robert C. Bentley. Ornate gates and fences, chandeliers and other great pieces of ornament are to be found both outside and inside the tasting room.

Sculpterra Winery Quick Facts

Address: 5015 Linne Road, Paso Robles (east side)

GPS coordinates: 35.6060, -120.6070

Phone: 805/226-8881

Hours: Tasting Room and Sculpture Garden open daily 10am - 5pm

An elephant roaming the grounds of the Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles

There are a number of other sculptures in addition to the ones I've shown here. The gardens are lovely and very tranquil.

There is other artwork around the property as well. Inside the tasting room are beautiful chandeliers and decorative pieces of metalwork accenting the architecture. A great place to relax and enjoy the wine.

There are now so many great wineries in the Paso Robles area now, it is hard to choose. But Sculpterra should be high on your list.

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