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A tranquil forest scene on the Big Sur coast at Garrapata State Park

A tranquil forest scene in Garrapata State Park on the Big Sur coast

Photo by "billbouton" - link to original

29 Jun 2012


This week's Photo of the Week is of the beautiful redwood forest found along the Big Sur coast on the eastern side of Highway 1

Completed in 1937, Highway 1 opened this previously hard to get to region to travelers and it is now one of the most scenic drives in this country if not the world.

It is a stunning place with each bend in the road bringing a breath-taking vista that seems to top the one before.

What most visitors to Big Sur fail to realize is that as stunning and dramatic as the view on the ocean side of the road is, there is another world waiting to be seen just on the other side. A tranquil Garrapata forest trail

This photo was taken along the Soberanes Canyon Trail. This trail's head is accessed at Gate 8 of Garrapata State Park and is found at about mile marker 66. (I have a short and easy tutorial on how to read mile markers along Highway 1 at the bottom of this page.)

This trail is rated "moderate" and to see sights such as the one pictured above, you needn't follow it to the end.

One thing to know - like other states and countries, California is having a budget crisis. In order to alleviate this problem, it has been proposed to close 70 state parks on July 1, 2012, Garrapata being among this number.

This has been prevented by another public agency stepping in and providing a bit of funding to keep Garrapata open. There is also a volunteer group, The Friends of Garrapata, which has already been providing some needed maintenance and repairs to the park. You can search for them on Facebook and I would highly recommend this as they regularly post amazingly beautiful photos of this gorgeous state park.

Now, you may have already been through Big Sur and have a great story and photos to go along with it.

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