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"Outdoor recreation or outdoor activity is leisure pursuits engaged in outside, especially in (but not limited to) natural or semi-natural settings out of town." Wikipedia

Central California has "double majored" in both the number of those leisure pursuits available and the natural (or semi-natural) settings here.

From somewhat "tame" activities like gentle walks along the boardwalk to the more adventurous pursuits such as ziplining or kayaking - you can find most anything you might want here on the Central Coast.

The riparian pathway to Oso Flaco Lake near Oceano

The path to Oso Flaco Lake
(click on the photo to view in a larger size)

Hiking, Climbing, Camping,
Geocaching, Waymarking, Birding,
Bicycling and more...

OK, so you won't find anywhere to snowmobile or ice fish here, but you're not expecting that in this part of California.

But if you want some wonderful places for hiking, from easy to expert, this is the place.

Camping? Lots of good places here, from wild to somewhat civilized.

Beach Camping

Or, follow this link if your well-being requires some cycling down a back road, or some comfortable beach cruising.

The pages here will cover well-known and little-known places for outdoor recreation and include directions, contact information and photographs to help you decide where you might want to spend some fun time in Central California.

For the most part, recreation at the beach is covered on separate pages which can be found at this link.

If you have a story and photos of a favorite spot or activity which you'd like to share with other readers of this site, you can click here and use the easy form to let us know some of the fun things you've done here in Central California.

Check out this submission on hiking in Big Sur sent in by a reader...

Pinnacles National Park - Hiking, camping, rock-climbing, birding and wildlife viewing.

Los Osos (El Morro) Elfin Forest - Walking, wildlife and botany.

Carrizo Plain National Monument - Hiking, camping, geology, history, birding and wildlife.

I'm not an expert on the technical side of walking or hiking. There's a lot to know even if you might be looking for some footwear for your next trip here to Central California. I highly recommend this website for some great tips on hiking, walking and more...

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