Morro Bay Sunset - Reflections

A Morro Bay sunset is special because of the gorgeous setting which nature has provided - the bay, the dunes and Morro Rock.

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Reflections on a Morro Bay sunset

Photo © by christiannalynn - link to original

11 May 2012


This stunning photo of a Morro Bay sunset is a submission by one of our readers - Christianna.

It is entitled "reflections".

If you look up "reflection" in the dictionary, you'll find 8 or 9 definitions including some dealing with physics, mathematics and anatomy. One definition deals with reproach, as in "casting a bad reflection".

Here I will only consider two of the definitions - 1. an image; representation; counterpart and 2. a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.

This photograph does indeed give us a representation and a counterpart of the beauty of the sky and the stately presence of Morro Rock mirrored in the quiet waters of Morro Bay.

I think we are all intrigued by mirror images presented by water. I know I've received many such photos in e-mails from friends, especially of mountains reflected in alpine lakes, and they have all been beautiful.

What I find special about Central California are the nearly magical places it presents for spectacular displays of nature such as this.

So we definitely have the first definition covered.

A spectacularly beautiful sunset over Morro BayThe second definition is about what we bring to the event. The "fixing or turning of our thoughts toward something" and there are few natural displays that draw this out of us as sunsets do.

A sunset, and particularly a gorgeous one such as this, seems to call forth from us a self-examination of just how things went this particular day, or even how things have been going for this time of our life.

I believe this definitely to be a gift, a providential donation that allows us to complete the day with either a firm purpose of amendment to change something, a sense of thanksgiving or perhaps a mixture of both.

Beauty has a way of doing that, drawing forth from us "careful consideration". And as we fix our thoughts on something like this sunset, we can see that a getaway or vacation can be about more than just changing locations. It can be about the opportunity to be more fully ourselves.

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