The Annual Morro Bay Kite Festival

The Morro Bay Kite Festival - a fun thing to do while visiting Central California...

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Imaginative and fun kites at the Morro Bay Kite Festival

Some of the fantastic kites at a recent Kite Festival in Morro Bay

creative commons by Michael L. "Mike" Baird

20 Apr 2012


This Photo of the Week is of The Morro Bay Kite Festival, which will be happening again this year (2012) on April 28 and 29, on the beach just north of Morro Rock.

Doesn't everyone enjoy kite flying? Or at least watching the fantastic variety of kites soaring in the wind?

Flying a kite is one of those cool things that nearly every parent has shown their kids how to do. I had the privilege of having both my mother and my father give me pointers on the art of keeping my kite in the air since they both loved to fly kites.Kites have been around for thousands of years, and beyond what Benjamin Franklin did with his kite, there have been many tasks to which kites have been applied.

Man-lifting for military observation was one thing kites have been used for. Buffalo Bill Cody designed kites for this purpose.

Alexander Graham Bell had interests beyond the telephone and invented the tetrahedral kite. I'll show you a picture of one of these kites since that is easier than trying to describe it... Tetrahedral kite

There doesn't seem to be any end to the innovations that appear in the construction of kites. Judging from the photo with the gecko or lizard, it seems to be only limited by the designer's imagination.

That's why the Kite Festival promises to be a fun time. And there's lots more to do in Morro Bay in addition to the Kite Festival.

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