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Mission San Miguel photos - a gallery of additional pictures to accompany the main San Miguel Mission page.

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This collection of San Miguel Mission photos is a companion page to the main San Miguel Mission page. On that page you will find history, location information and other items about the mission.

This page is mainly for your viewing pleasure.

If you are a California fourth-grader doing a mission project, please contact me if you wish to use these or other photos of missions which I have. I'll be glad to assist you any way I can.

Mission San Miguel photos begin now...

A view of Mission San Miguel across the Salinas River

Looking west across the Salinas River

If you edit out a few homes and the big satellite dishes on the hill at the upper left, you have a pretty good sense of how this mission might have looked 200 years ago. Highway 101 is at the foot of the hills behind the mission.

A 1930's plan of the mission
Elevation drawings of Mission San Miguel

1930's drawings of the mission buildings

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, the federal government created many programs to employ workers. If the person was skilled, attempts were made to use their qualifications. Architects and draftsmen were put to work surveying historic buildings, photographing and measuring them to preserve in some way for future reference.

The California missions were documented in this way and the records provide a valuable resource for future renovations.

Southern bell tower at Mission San Miguel

A view of the bell tower at the southern end of the mission property

If you exit Highway 101 heading north, this lovely tower is your first introduction to Mission San Miguel.

California historic landmark plaque

California historical landmark plaque. Mission San Miguel is also registered as a national landmark.

Mission San Miguel photos continue...

Front courtyard of San Miguel Mission

The cemetery at the San Miguel Mission

A view of the cemetery with the church building in the background

On the northern end of the mission property, next to the church, is found the cemetery. Many natives were buried there along with a number of priests and later some of the areas pioneer families.

A view of the cemetery with the northern bell tower in the back

Northern bell tower at Mission San Miguel

Stonework bell tower

While it looks original, this bell tower is a later addition, built sometime in the 1930's or 40's. It is fine work done by Jesse Crettol who did much of the reconstruction masonry seen around the mission.

A view down the front collondade to the side door of the church

The row of arches at the front of Mission San Miguel

An 18th century cannon at Mission San Miguel

The business end of a mission-era cannon

Interior quadrangle at Mission San Miguel

The inner courtyard of the missions were formed by the outlying buildings as well as the church building. One of the common features here is the central fountain.

A workroom in the original buildings at the San Miguel mission

The missions were designed to be self-sustaining for the most part. The tour through the convento shows this with various tools for crafts and manufacture. If you look closely, you can see the sheepskin panels on the windows. These were used in place of the much more costly and rare glass.

A reminder of

The "Four Last Things"

An unnamed friar from sometime in the past wrote this phrase on the wall of his cell. The spanish reads: "Ten en la memoria muerte juicio infierno y gloria". Translated it means: "Keep in mind, death, judgment, hell and heaven".

Interesting designs and brilliant colors on the walls and pulpit at Mission San Miguel

The walls and pulpit in the church at Mission San Miguel

The sanctuary at Mission San Miguel

A beautiful high dynamic range photo of the sanctuary by Kevin Cole

Father Junipero Serra at Mission San Miguel

The Father Serra statue overlooking the hills

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