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Gaviota Beach

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Kite flying at the beach

As you can see, "fun at the beach" is a pretty big topic, taking three pages to cover completely.

So here we are at page 2, and we'll continue with your ultimate Central California fun guide for beach activities... fun beach activities on the Central California coast:

Click on the links below to drop down the page (or to a new page) for information on the desired activity...

List of Fun Beach Activities

Page 1:
[Biking] [Birding] [The Dunes] [Fishing] [Hiking] [Horseback Riding]

Page 2 (this page):
[Kayaking] [Kite Flying] [Marine Mammal Watching] [Photography] [Picnicking] [Sailing]

Page 3:
[Sea glass, shells and jade] [Surfing] [Swimming] [Tidepooling] [Walking]

Beach Activities and Adventures - page 2

Looking for sea otters?

If you have a good vantage point above the water, check for kelp beds as shown in the photo to the right. Otters like to congregate here and tend to wrap themselves and their pups in the kelp to keep from drifting in the tide. Their favorite meal, sea urchins, congregate at the base of the kelp. A good pair of binoculars or a telephoto lens is a great help for spotting them.

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The harbor at Monterey

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