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Dogs at the beach having the best time chasing each other in the surf

Summertime scene in Central California - Dogs at the beach frolicking in the surf

Photo by "fidofactor" - link to original

22 Jun 2012


This week's Photo of the Week arose from another newly created page. That one is Dog Friendly Beaches.

Not all of the photos that appear on this site are taken by me. In fact, most of them aren't. There are so many good photos on Flickr and many generous photographers who have licensed their work allowing it to be shared.

I often end up with more good photos of a topic than can reasonably fit on a webpage. This week is an example of that occurrence.

It seems that most dogs LOVE the beach (there are exceptions). The two in the photo above certainly do. If you look carefully at the wet sand in the foreground, you'll see many dogprints from the numerous laps these happy pups have made.

You might have noticed that I labelled the link to my main beach page as "A Dose of Beach". My wife and I both grew up within an hour or so of the ocean; myself on the Pacific and her on the Atlantic. We don't need to see the ocean every day, but we can't go too long without our "dose of ocean".

There is definitely something restorative about the salt air, the sound of the surf and the view of an unobstructed horizon.

It seems that dogs also sense the therapeutic nature of the beach. The dogs I've seen at the shoreline play in the sand and the surf unreservedly until they drop.

Now, you might have a beach-loving dog and have a great story and photos to go along with it.

Did you know that you can share that with everyone here by simply clicking on this link? It will take you to a page where you can tell your great "dogs at the beach" story, upload up to four photos and you're done!

It's really easy and fun to see your page published!

Dogs DO love the beach!

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