The Cutest Sea Otter Photo - ever!

The cutest sea otter photo you're likely to see. These charming animals have made a comeback after facing extinction here in Central California.

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Mother sea otter showing off her newborn pup

17 Aug 2012


This week's Photo of the Week is one of the most precious pictures to be seen anywhere. It really is the cutest sea otter photo I've seen.

I came across this photo of a mother otter obviously very proud of her newborn pup, on Pinterest recently. Pinterest is the fastest growing site on the internet at the moment and can be described as a huge digital scrapbook. You have your own page and can view and look through all others. You can "repin" photos from those other boards onto your own. You can pin photos onto your boards from elsewhere on the internet or upload your own photos.

Just like Facebook, you can like, comment and share. Very interesting stuff, and you can see what I've done by clicking to view my Pinterest page. Until recently, Pinterest was open only by invitation, though an invitation wasn't that hard to get. Now it is open to all.

You can see on my Pinterest page that I've divided up the boards to roughly correspond to the sections and pages here on this site. I've posted photos there that can also be found here on the site. There are other boards however, that aren't yet featured here on Discover Central California.

I invite you to follow (analogous to "liking" on Facebook) me on Pinterest as there will be new photos appearing there before they show up on pages here on the site.

Now back to the photo of the otters - I did some searching and found the earliest instances of this on the internet appeared around the year 2001. I couldn't determine who the original photographer was, so there is no attribution.

If you check out the Photo of the Week archives, you'll see that the very first picture that started this series was of another otter mother and pup photographed in Morro Bay. They are very cute and you can see them in the upper end of the Bay near Morro Rock.

The otters were hunted for a long time and nearly wiped out, but have been protected now for many years and have been increasing in numbers. Scientists have recently determined that shark attacks are now the greatest threat to the otters. But that has ever been so. Nature's way of keeping numbers to a reasonable level.

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Morro Rock at sunset

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