Central California News:
For your vacation or getaway planning

You might think that there really isn't any "Central California News" since it is such a quiet and tranquil place.

Well, it is that way, and for the most part, the "news" is about upcoming events, festivals, fiestas and other fun happenings.

So, you might hear about some of the major events that occur here on the central coast, but there are many smaller, but no less interesting, events that take place nearly every weekend here. Red fox pups in Morro Bay And I've put together some ways for you to "stay in touch" with all those events so you can better plan your vacation or getaway to Central California.

"Hey! Did you hear the latest from Discover Central California?"
Photo by Mike Baird

The first way to easily keep up with the news on Discover Central California is to click the orange "RSS" button at the top of the left column. RSS stands for "really simple syndication" - and it is really simple.

You don't have to keep checking back here for updates, since when new pages or updates appear on the site, you are alerted through the RSS feed. Nice.

The other way to stay in touch is found below. Discover Central California is on Facebook and you can stay in touch without having to leave the site here.

Why "like" Discover Central California? 4 reasons really:

  1. You'll be kept up to date on upcoming events or travel deals or alerts - like wildflower blooms in the area;
  2. I post things on Facebook that may not ever be put on the Discover Central California site - news articles and other unusual tidbits from the area;
  3. You can read about the interesting things I've found about the central coast, new photos, videos or a great new restaurant;
  4. Finally, you can "talk" or ask questions, share your travel photos or review an event or restaurant.

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