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The Central America and Caribbean Region

If you are from the United States, this part of the world is enticing because you have access to the tropics without going too far.

If you are from other parts of the world, Central America and the Caribbean might not be as close, but their unique cultures and attractions can draw you in.

No matter where you are from, the long, lovely chain of the Caribbean islands, each with their unique characteristics, can be a life-long adventure of discovery.

As we make our way around the world (at least in a virtual sense) looking for information about Central California, other destinations and websites about them come across our monitor.

We'll pick the best of these and present them here for you.

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The beach at Ocho Rios in Jamaica

Jamaica Reggae Music Vacation Jamaica reggae music vacation is not only a destination with warm sunshine, beautiful beaches with turquoise sea, lush tropical scenery, and very fine hotels; it is also an experience that guarantees great food, adventure, fun and relaxation.

Best Dominican Republic Vacations

Best Dominican Republic Vacations: A Caribbean tropical paradise for the whole family, an unforgettable vacation!

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