Central California Restaurants:
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A local's guide to Good Central California Restaurants

A great vacation or getaway trip has three main ingredients: enjoyable travel to and from your destination; a nice place to stay while you're there; and good food.

Finding good central California restaurants, or good restaurants anywhere can sometimes be a challenge. But a local's help can make it simpler.

Now, it's certain that everyone has their own tastes, and that's a good thing. But you have friends whom you trust for restaurant recommendations and those whose recommendations are valued less highly.

With that in mind, you might want to know a bit more about us if you are going to trust us to tell you about eating out here in Central California restaurants.

Chef Vince serving pizza

My father was a chef and was a successful owner of restaurants and pizza kitchens. He learned to cook from his Sicilian mother, Mama Rosa. Mama Rosa knew how to cook.

When I was growing up, we didn't eat out very much and I didn't really understand it. There wasn't the great variety of places that there are out there today, but there were enough to choose from. My father just didn't think it was worth his time or money to go out to eat when he could cook a far better meal than anything you could find out there.

He was right. And we NEVER ate out Italian. Never.

Now, the availability of ingredients from around the world and information on the internet has made things better for eating out than it was.

However, my wife and I still choose very carefully. I'll be talking here about the restaurants that perhaps aren't already known to you, but are well worth a visit. The places that can make the difference between an "OK" trip and a great one.

About our taste in food

My wife and I are great cooks (OK - she's great and I'm merely good) and sometimes it's hard choosing where to eat out since most of the time we can prepare better meals than can be found in restaurants.

But, when we find a good one, you can trust that it's REALLY good.

So, we like food, good food, prepared well and presented nicely. Doesn't have to be fancy. Some of our favorite places might even be considered dives or holes-in-the-wall, but the food is good. Others are clearly top end.

Italian food

One final word about our recommendations - There are a few Italian places on our favorites list - they are "take it to the bank, no disappointment" certain for being good.

Dining out categories

Here are some of our favorites...

"On the Road" Cafes and Diners

Elegant Dining




Eating at the Winery

Steak Houses and BBQ


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