California Central Coast Wineries

Edna Valley Winery sign

There are hundreds of California Central Coast wineries and tasting rooms from Monterey and San Benito Counties and south through San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.

You could probably make it a full-time job of wine tasting (how nice would that be?) and still not be able to visit them all.

Late summer wine grapes

Visiting wineries is the second most popular tourist destination in California behind Disneyland.

It's a delightful and enjoyable way to spend time on your getaway or vacation. But how to choose when there are so many options?

Now, if you're an informed wine lover, you already know the regions and wineries and winemakers.

But, if you're like me - you like wine, you like some wines and not others and are somewhat put off by the all too "precious" approach some folks have to wine.

My idea is to keep it fun and not too serious.

If you are pressed for time and driving around our beautiful countryside isn't an option but still want to sample quality wines, you might want to try some of the "in-town" tasting rooms available.

These will all soon be links, but for now here are some cities each with a number of tasting rooms for California Central Coast wineries where you can walk from one to the next:

A Different Approach to Winery Tours

I could be wrong about this, but I think that it would be very difficult to go to any of the many Central Coast wineries or tasting rooms and find some really bad wine in front of you.

Perhaps what you're tasting is not to your liking. Tastes differ - and that's a good thing. Move on to the next sampling from that maker and it might be something more in line with what you like.

So here's a suggestion that might be fun - there are a wide variety of non-wine amenities at California Central Coast wineries: interesting architecture, art galleries, gardens, picnic areas, dog-friendly wineries, great gift shops, wine caves, food and wine pairings, music, spas and more.

Why not create a wine tour that suits your particular interest and if the wine is something you like, that's a bonus! No matter what, you'll have a good time.

Some Winery Tour Themes...

(Links coming soon with specific wineries featuring these amenities)

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