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Big Sur photos - It's difficult to take a bad picture here. There is so much beauty and grandeur that even beginners take good photos.

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Looking north up the Big Sur coast from Hurricane Point.

Big Sur Photos: The Big Sur coast at Hurricane Point

31 Aug 2012


This previous Photo of the Week shows the wonder of the Big Sur coastline.

You can see the famous and oft photographed Bixby Creek Bridge in the distance.

Much has been said about this wonderful section of the California coast and many photos taken. What is most amazing about Big Sur is that the mood of the place can change very quickly.

Fogs roll in and envelope the coast and the road even in the summer. By afternoon it might have burned off, but not necessarily.

The winter can be very stormy and Highway 1 is notorious for landslides closing the road for weeks at a stretch. If you are pressed for time and need to be somewhere north or south of this place at a particular time - don't bother driving this stretch. It's not that difficult a drive, but does require concentration and is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace with time for frequent stops to enjoy the view and for your collection of Big Sur photos.

If you are in a hurry, most likely the drivers in front of you won't be. The average speed through here is 30-35 mph and there aren't many places to pass. Then the amazingly beautiful 90 mile drive will be sheer hell for you.

Thumbnail of the Big Sur coastline at Hurricane Point

There are many turnouts (most on the west side of the roadway) where you can get out and enjoy the spectacular views. If you are going to leave your vehicle and hike somewhere out of sight of it, be sure to read the warnings I posted on the Big Sur page. Be aware and be safe.

If you are just passing through, you probably won't go far from your vehicle. What you might need though is a sweater or jacket as the current off the California coast comes from Japan by way of Alaska and is quite cold. Even in the summer places right along the beach can get windy and chilly.

Plan it wisely and it will be a most memorable experience.

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The view from near the Bixby Creek Bridge toward Hurricane Point to the south

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