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Best California photos: On March 2, 2012 we posted a new feature on this site - Photo of the Week. We intended to present to you the best photos of Central California showcasing the wonders you might see on a visit to Central California. Wildlife, landscapes, attractions - the well-known and the lesser known have been featured.

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March 7, 2014

We have no worries that we will soon run out of subjects for the Photo of the Week.

There are so many interesting places and things to see here in Central California that many more years of photos can be featured.

There are the "old standards" like Big Sur and the missions; then there are new things that will someday become favorites.

I can think of one of the latter - the Rock Shed at Pitkins Curve near Limekiln State Park on Highway 1. I haven't yet seen it in person, but the photos I've seen of it are pretty dramatic.

It's an ingenious solution to the never-ending problem of falling rocks blocking the road along the Big Sur coast.

I hope to get there sometime this year and take some pictures, or you could submit your own of the shed or other Central California subject.

Your best California photos...

Some of these previous photos of the week were submissions by readers like you. If you have a photo or photos that you'd like to share, click the "submit" link at the top of the page or just scroll down to find the submission form.

It's easy to do. Be sure to let us know some of the particulars about your photo - where it was, what you liked about it, anything about your excitement that might make it come alive for the rest of us.

If you want to read more about any of these photos, be sure to check out the Photo of the Week Archive. There are links to the individual pages for these photos.

Let us know which was your favorite, or if there is any other subject you'd like to see featured here.

Many thanks to all of our faithful visitors for two years passed and many more to come!

cattle jam in Cayucos

Always have your camera ready!

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